Clay soil, what to grow

Dear Veterans,
I notice that half of my land has black clay soil and the other has red soil.
In the area with clay soil I notice that even after a month after rain the soil is very damp when I dig even a feet.

I will be grateful if you can guide how do I manage clay soil and what vegetables can be grown in it.
My land is near Hosur.


In winter Chickpeas & Coriander worked out for us in clay soil. Our neighbours had cotton growing pretty good too. It will also depend on the amount of rain you get, you can’t even enter the field after a decent rain and could ruin the crop.

You will have more options if the water is good. Also you could look into adding a layer of soil from elsewhere. … clay-soil/

Thanks a ton for the link. Got valuable insight. Will keep forum posted on  my experience