Change from furrow to drip irrigation for papaya

I want to change from furrow technique for papaya to drip irrigation pls suggest how to prepare bed for drip irrigation now

Hi guys waiting for some help regarding change from furrow irrigation technique to drip irrigation may be i have posted it in wrong topic tag…but please suggest idea how to put drip irrigation where to put main pipe in middle of farm or on side ways …guys pls siggest

As I understand it should not be difficult. You must have planted papaya 6-8 ft between plants and rows. All you need to do is to raise the soil between rows and plants. You will get a bed similar to what one makes for say planting any vegetable. While laying drip ensure water doesn’t go to stem directly.

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@mangalam sound right thanks could you please tell me when is it a good time to raise that bed …coz the plant r now just 15 to 20 cm in height…dug in row of water…

Also last night long heavy rain watr was cloughed and all plant where below water for a day…will they be alright and what thing should i do aftr this

Guys suggest what immediate step be taken i m not near my farm due to office work so cant post picture but my bother said they are coverd by water uo to knee level a day latr today water reduce what should be done …mu brother tried to remove water but due to lower area comoared to other neighbouring farm water cang be removd quickly…pls suggest

You need to get the water removed urgently - Papaya will not survive waterlogging. Even 2-3 days of waterlogging will be disastrous.

Water logging in papaya can be dangerous for the plants. Do raise beds ASAP and avoid water logging at any cost. You can raise beds even if plant is small.

@chandra and mangalm thank you i will do so guys its been 4 days now seedling are in water since two days nw we r pulling water …nw its liltle one day delay due to my brothrs slow reaction i was away frm farm no pump to pull water fhen vot 1hp small machine whc took two days …i wld send u vedio …pray that they survive ,pls sugest wat next to do aftr watr removed wh will help them live …

Good luck.
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not much left now, can anybody suggest now when should i try planting new seedlings…all your replies n suggestion r welcome…may almighty help nw

Please don’t plant again in areas that could be submerged.
I think you can plant papaya anytime of the year - or at least I did.

great sir,i would plant it in another area where not water is soaked,also pls suggest any other plant or crop to recurr my abt marigold