Chain link prices from Chawri Bazaar, Delhi and thoughts on other deterrents

I paid a visit to Chawri Bazaar in Delhi today to get a sense of prices of chain link and welded wire mesh. For what it’s worth here are the prices I was quoted. My sense if that if your quantity is large, you can negotiate a better price. 

Parsh Nath Udyog
3619 chawri bazar
011 23273481

GI Chain link - 2.5mm with 5" gap = Rs.5.60/sq ft


Purushottam & Co
3666, Chawri bazar
Rajhive gupta
011 23260314

Welded mesh - 1.25" gap, 2.5mm, 3 ft wide, 50 ft roll (total 33-34kg) - Rs.51/kg
GI Chain link - 2" gap, 2.5mm, 180g/sq.ft Rs. 60/kg


Sieves & Filters corporation
3621 chawri bazaar
011 23941527
011 23930745

All plastic stiff mesh -  4’ wide, 1" gap, 25m roll = Rs.1900
Same as above but 3’ wide = Rs.1625
Same as above but 6.5’ wide = Rs.3375

Nylon anti-bird net with 1" gap Rs.30/sq.m


Wire netting stores
3691, Chawri Bazaar
011 23261343
011 23263375

MS welded mesh - 1"x1", 3mm, 3 ft wide x 50’ roll = Rs.2700
GI chain link - 2" gap, 3mm = Rs.16.5 / sq.ft
Same as above but with 4" gap = approx Rs.10/ sq.ft

You can calculate price / sq ft where it’s not given. Depending upon the height of the fence and your running feet it’s easy to arrive at price for entire farm. Posts, installation and other expense of course will be additional.

Fencing several acres of farm land is clearly a very expensive proposition and should only be carried out if animals pose a serious problem to revenues. Of course the kind of fence you choose, its dimensions and sturdiness depends upon the kinds of animals you need protection from and the kind of crops you wish to cultivate.

We have wild pigs and Neelgai (bluebull) problem in our village for which a combination of chain link and nylon mesh with bamboo posts might work well but the cost is very high. May need to experiments with other alternatives. Some sites suggest laying fine nylon mesh on the ground at boundary can deter pigs as they don’t like their feet getting entangled. Might work for Neelgai as well. Another site suggests spraying human urine on boundary as pig stay away from anything that smells human.