CAUTION : Cheap land sales in Tamil nadu

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Am also desperately looking and searching for cheap land in TN. I have come across with several brokers, intermediaries and real seller from TN. some says cheap land is available and some says all over TN real estate price has gone up and cheap land is just a myth and those offering people will call us for land inspection and will show us some land and docs and take token money. after that we will go for paper verification and survey which may take time and may fail too.

There may be papers are not in order and may have several issues. In some rural pockets of TN even land is in our name, local people may have some rituals or practice no to to get the particular land cultivated. there are several fraudsters and cheaters plenty available in on line as it is a free service. I have spoke to some of the people who has already holding land in TN which they have bought continue travel and interaction almost 3-4 years.

It would be fancy to shop online and buy the offerings of so called genuine sellers and brokers but the on the real the fact may differ.

Also regarding water availability brokers may says 60-40feet water table but the actual experience is even after 2-3 bore well of 600-800 feet water is not availed .

then soil type, there are several type of soil red, black, sandy , salty and no fertile land banks are there in TN.

am requesting let us form a group of genuine buyers who looks for cheap and fertile land and let us find a genuine guy in TN who can help us and source us genuine deals

I am quoting very interesting article below for reference.


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This is nice information. However, please post the original source and also confirm the material quotes is allowed to be quoted.



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