Cauliflower Plantation from seedling

Dear members,

I am a farmer of Odisha.
I have planted cauliflower seedling for 1 acres before 2 months and 10 days till date.
Due to presence of rain till first week of November, I have planted around 6000 seedling till today. I found little grayish other seedling (around 4000) as they are 2 month old. But they have also some new green leaves apart from grey leaves.
Do you recommend me to plant these cauliflowers? Will they give good yield? Shall I stop plantation as they will not be grown properly and save labour cost of plantation?
Please advice.


Could be fungal/bacterial infection, attach snaps if possible.


Dear Mr. Nikhil,

There is no fungal infection. We spray Bevisten regularly.
My question is that can I plant and get good yield with more than 2 months seedling?