Cauliflower no head yet

The one in the pic is about 90 days old, but there has been no sign of head/flower yet. As you can see it’s a lot leafy. We have been having warm and colder weather here, may be that could be the cause? how long does it usually take?

Any suggestions?

Update on this:

In a week after i posted this the flower/head started showing-up and its been growing well now. And rest of them planted around the same time are in the same pace.

Hi, I have had an entire crop with no heads in warm weather before, so it is good to see you are beginning to see some heading.

Ah thats really sad, after all the work you put in. Had similar experience this year with tomatoes, which didn’t make it even though they were indeterminate variety.

A pic from couple of days back. Wish we could embed images, would be much easier.