Cattle Prices coming down

My Peers,

is it true that cattle price have come down. Esp; in A.P.

need more info on this please.


Yes, the over production of milk and random procurement holiday’s announced by the collecting units has set a bit of panic. The great MILK RUSH (akin to gold rush) that was witnessed seems to have recieved the first initial shock. What follows needs to be seen. Payments are delayed even in some of the Karnataka Milk federation units in some villages. There seem to be varied reasons, but gives a feeling some thing is not as it should be. This kind looks like that final stages of BULL market (in terms of stock market) where lots of innocent small time investors get sucked in while the big guns cash out. And the small time investors would be advised to hold on and be a long term investors.

yes, to some extent it is true… but at the same time this is not the case with the agents/dealers, only the distressed farmers.