Cattle feed : Charoen Pokphand (CP) feeds - Your views/Experiences


I am planning to try out CP feeds ( … livestock/) for my cattle.

Please share your views/experiences who has tried/using CP feeds.

-Ganapathi Bhat

Dear Ganapathi Sir,

Can you please drop your Phone No?
I wanted to discus with you few things,


I did not receive any response to my query…So, not many people use CP feeds ?

Sheshaprasad, i have sent you a message

Ask them to give you quality analysis of their feed. They approached us and when we asked for quality report, they dissapeared.
CP is mainly known for their poultry feeds where maintaining quality is very important and is checked thoroughly, however dairy industry is not so fortunate. So called pellets may contain anything from good ingredients to dust, how to you make sure you are getting good stuff and that too consistently with every batch?

My suggestion, dont go for any pellets, mix your own with some basic ingredients like bhusa, maize powder, cottonseed cake and groundnut cake. Give dry and mix mineral mix.

Good luck.

Bhat Sir,

Sorry,I have not recieved any message from you.
My contact details is 9886664833


Many thanks Nikhil…Hope all is well. Wish you the best…always.

Hello niksnarayana

Could you share exact quantity of item i can use to make concentrate feed ?
Market price of concentrate feed is Rs-18-20 per kg… Is it possible to make it at home & reduce cost ?