Cattle buying timing

  1. I wish to start a HF x Gir Dairy farm. I shall buy freshly calved cows with about 20 Liters/Day yield.

  2. I wish to buy 10-15 cows to maintain year long average daily yield of above 150 Liters/Day.

  3. Cows with 20 Liters/Day yield at time of calving has about 23 Liters/Day peak yield while the milk reduces to about 8-10 Liters/Day by starting  of 8th month of pregnancy, if its impregnated by about 10-11 weeks after calving.

Considering the above what should be the buying patters? How many cattle should I start with? I plan to take about 2 months to
reach 150 liters/day production and then onwards maintain it throughout the year?

Please guide.

The cows should be purchased in cold season only. Winter is the preferable season for purchase in this period the cost is also good and more cows will be available for selection.