Capsicums: Shadetunnel or polytunnel or polyhouse?

Dear Gurus,
I’m interested to start a capsicum plantation and as a beginner would like to take a pilot project to start with. For this I intend to put my project on a 3000 sqft plot in the the city; this place is kind of surrounded with an apartment on one side and a bunglow on the other… can receive direct sunlight after 8am to 3pm. I have a few queries and if you can please advise:

  1. What can suit the capsicums the most of these: Shade Net/ Shade Tunnels/ Polytunnels?
  2. What height should I consider for either of the structures that I choose for the setup as above
  3. The plot is 45’x75’ approx wit 5’ walls on two adjacent sides with the bunglow and the apartment, is it ok to have two more walls of 5’ each (I’m just concerned about the safety since I wont be living there and so thought of securing the place as much as I can)