Can we lease land for organic farming?


I needed some information about leasing land for organic farming. A friend has approx 5 acres of land and we want to start an organic farm.
We are still at the planning stage and were wondering if after the soil is tested and made suitable for natural farming is it possible to give the land for lease? (We want to lease it to organic farming companies or NGOs)
Is so, then what is the process for doing this?

I would be grateful if someone can enlighten me about this.

These laws are region specific. In my region lease is just a verbal agreement. There are some farmers from kerala come here and take it on lease they make a deed drafted by a lawer. In this case RTC will have lessers name in a seprate column.

If you are starting organic method for the first time, the land may take time to respond may be a year or two depending on how much it is exploited.

organic farming needs belongingness on the land. If you dont see a profit and you want to just learn farmin then you can go ahead.