Can we call this guy FUKUOKA of Karnataka?

A young  farmer from Shimoga,karnataka has followed the steps of Fukuoka, he has identified local legumes and adopted in his farm. He has been identified by Govt of Karanataka and warded.
below are link for two of  articles on him … C_2009.pdf … hools.html

AK and i have visited his place, one of the farmer who is really near to natural farming, other than using the tractor with puddler to cut these legumes that he grows before before cultivating rice, he is fully natural. Even his areca farms are very nice and yields more than average.  Gem of a person, who took time to explain each and every thing that he did.

Sharing some pics from my album. … vnEr4yT9gE

awesome! thanks for sharing!
i thought theres no organic, but there are growers all over, just because i am not aware, doesnt mean its not happening out there.



Was wondering how does he plant paddy. just throws the seeds? or some other trick?
Did I miss it in the links?

Thank you.