Can I draw water from river using its own energy?

can i draw water from river using its own energy ?

legally not possible. You can pump as long as you don’t get caught by irrigation officials.

Need more explaination on “using its own energy”  is it siphoning?

Thanks for asking this question Jaspreet, you reminded me of a device that I had studied about almost 14 years ago! Search for Hydraulic Ram Pump on Google for resources that explain how it works and how to build one. Also refer for another technique and device!

This might be helpful for a lot of other folks on the forum.  I have a water tank that is situated about 60-70 feet above a stream. Dunno if this will work for me though. :frowning:

In districts like Mandya where large irrigination canals (Main, number one canals) are near by, farmers put a pipe from the canal at height that is suitable and let the outlet into a well dug inside the field just making use of gravity.

Understand we are working here with a river, so not really comparable  :slight_smile:  But still a thought if the river is close by that a pipe can reach.

Dear gunda,
    I red in one of recent discussions in farmnest similar idea . Dig a pit in your farm so that depth is more than riverbed, then put pipe as you mentioned and it will have water which can be pumped up and used.

    in maharashtra you need written permission to use river water/dam water . Even  if it is pumped up illegally no one bothers unless there is water scarcity . I think what gunda and sri is discussing can be implemented .


no its not siphoning , ya its legal in punjab to draw water from sub canals

There was a special pump I studied about in my Engg course (Fluid Mechanics), can’t remember the name now… :frowning:

It basically pumps a small volume of water from a large water body to a decent height without any application of external energy. Does anyone remember the name of this pump?