Can I become Farmer again

I became owner of 1.5 acres of land in hereditary after Father passed away in 1998, due to certain circumstances i sold my agriculture land in 2006. However in 2019 I am in good financial position and would like to buy a agriculture land to do actual farming.

However in present day there is a rule in Maharashtra you need to be in possession of agriculture land to buy another agriculture land. I my case I do not have any land ownership in present day and I cannot produce any farmer certificate.

Is there a provision where i can show old land ownership records document to local govt. office as a proof and justify that I was farmer in past but due to some issues I had to sell my land and now again i want to become a farmer.

kindly advice

There is a provision that you can submit the ancestral property document and buy the new property

yes show that you previously had land in your name & your fathers name. you will be eligible.

Ok thank you will look into this accordingly