Can alphonso mango be grown successfully in karnataka?

hi all,
i am in process of  buying mango orchard in gauribidanur ( chikbalapur district ) karnataka.

i have shortlisted two orchards with 3-4 year old saplings and alot of flowers on them:
one has  Alphonso saplings ( 50 trees / acre )
and other one has mallika, neelam saplings ( 50 trees / acre ).

is it feasible to grow Alphonso successfully in this region?
Please provide all your expert opinions on which one to choose?


Yes why not.
there is always chances to grow alphonso mango successfully but its depend upon the strategy you use to grow alphonso mango.

Hi abhishek,

The region is excellent for growing mango crop.  However make sure there is sufficient infrastructure available - mainly water and accessibility (road).  Also look for any shallow hard rocks that might be limiting growth of mango saplings.

Try to find out the reason why the seller is giving away after spending the difficult time growing the crop and when it is about to provide profit - why is he selling.  Do check background carefully.

He would have bought the land last year and eating mango of his own farm this year :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL… the query posted on Jan 2013 and first reply on Apr 2014. I guess abhishek would have already started the farm.  :sunglasses:


:smiley: oh my…i did not note the year was 2013!!!