Calling in the corporates

The government’s aggressive moves to open up the farm sector to corporate control under the PPP model are fraught with danger. They can lead to the worsening of the agrarian crisis and landgrab by other means…Read more about it @

This sounds like good news. Are corporate firms really entering the Indian agri-biz scene?
If so how do we set up a Farmer Producer Company?

"The primary interface between corporates and farmers in this exercise would be the Farmer Producer Company. Field reports from different States and reports in SFAC publications themselves point to concerted efforts in the past six months to set up FPCs all across the country.

Officials at the SFAC were not able to give exact figures for the number of PPP projects that have been advanced at present for “want of a proper feedback from the States”. However, the listings in 2012 record that as many as 17 State governments initiated PPP schemes in association with more than 25 corporate players. Prominent among them were Reliance, Essar, Bharti Enterprises-Del Monte Pacific Ltd, the Adani group, ITC, Godrej, Marico, Tata Chemicals and Nestle."

If any one in this forum has done contract farming with a corporate firm, please do guide us