Calling all Goat Meat buyers

We are pleased to announce that our consortium of Goat breeders will soon be capable of supplying live goats to butchers, meat processors and traders. Please contact for your regular requirements directly from the ‘producers’. We are not middlemen but breeders and producers. Multiple goat breeds and age are available. Order qty can be 20-200 goats per month.

If you are a producer, with land and goat herd, join our consortium to take advantage of volume selling.

Hi Saverafarms,

I am also NRI and started a new 500 capacity goat farm in Anantapur 180 kms from bangalore. I am also looking exactly same kind of like minded people where we can share our knowledge together so that we will have selling power and eliminate the middle people.
I would like to join consortium to supply upto 100 goats per month or even more. Please provide more details like what kind of goats the market is looking?

Please provide your contact details to speak over the phone.

Here I am attaching the photos of my Farm.

Thanks in advnace,

i’am looking to start a goat / sheep farming in arround bangalore, purely commercial purpose,please send advice,sugetions,ideas,advantages,dis advantages etc.



Hello sir,

I would like to know more about this plan. I would like to start a goat farm for meat purpose with around 50-100 numbers. Please advise how to proceed with this?

Myself siva ganesh I started a new goat form with 200 goats nearby Guntur district no looking forward to sell goats on monthly basis so we all will join be as a unity and eliminate the middleman my contact number 8686 258 234 no looking forward for buyers