Buying Farm land in Karnataka


I am a salaried person and i am from Karnataka. Both of my parents own farm land and have RTC. I am very much interested in getting into farming in parallel to my salaried job.

Questions: Request you to guide me on the following questions.

  1. Is there a way for me to buy farm land in Karnataka?
  2. Is there a way for me to invest money from selling a site to buy a farm land?


Dear Sri Sudhir,

Welcome to our farmers Forum sir.

If your parents are having land and they have RTC and mutation on their name, as a son of them you have every possibility to purchase land in your name, subject to certain conditions.

Your grass income should be less than rs 20,00,000/_ per anum, you have to convince the Revenue authorities that you will do Agri/Horti activities in the purchased land. Basing on that they will transfer the mutation and etc in your name. After getting the etc and mutation in your name after registration in your name and if you really do Agri/Horti activities, there will not be any problem generally, in future also.

As regards to your 2nd question, you please contact the chartered Accountant, to get a correct advise.

With best wishes,    g.p.rao,    farmer

Dear Mr.G.P.Rao,

I was surprised by the gross income figure you mentioned. Is it Rs. 20 lakh or should it be Rs. 2 lakh. Please advise if you know when this notification came into effect. I was told by some people that one’s gross income should not be more than Rs.2 lakh/annum.



PFA Karnataka land reform act amendment 2015. Check out section 79A. Read original act by substituting wording given in amendment. Earlier limit to buy agricultural land from non-agricultural income was 2lakhs & now it is 25Lks.

KAR land reform act ame 2015.pdf (23.9 KB)