Buying agricultural land in gujarat

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That’s very nice piece of information Brijesh, thanks.  Waiting for Karnataka to follow suite.

Yes, really hoping that Karnataka will follow suite pretty soon. It does not make sense to me that being an Indian citizen I am not allowed to buy a piece of land where I like.


am a keralite still waiting for final decision in gujarat on buying agri land. I think Gov will move to Supreme court. letus wait meantime I have noticed that some members referred that Karnataka is not allowing to buy agri land by outside state. then how people from kerala buy thousands of acre agri land in Manglore and its near by areas?/?

I would like to draw the attention to all of you that still no other than gujarat farmer can buy the agriculture land in Gujarat. The News paper articile is not the citation of the law nor the G R from the government has issued for this law. So my humble request don’t get grab in the fake land deals. It may ruin you.