Buffalo farming for Meat

Hi All,

Feeling so excited seeing all the posts here. Am an IT person working in an MNC as Marketing Manager. Am now 40 Years old and would like to do something which i always wanted to do from childhood. Seems like this is a good time for the transition. I would like to start a Diary/Poultry Farming as a family business (Along with my in-laws).

I selected Buffalo/Goat Farming: I have few questions/Clarifications.

  1. I would like to start with 20 Male Buffalo for Meat purpose. Which age i should select?
  2. What would be an average price for such Buffalo?
  3. Where is the best place i can get such Buffalo?
  4. When can i sell them? What would be the price i get for them (After 8-12 months of rearing)

Appreciate your inputs in this matter. Thank you all in advance.