Brinjal intercrop with drumstick with precision farming

I am planning to go for intercrop with brinjal and drumstick in 1 acre of land using
precision farming.

Has someone done this kind of intercrop using precision farming?
If so, can you please share the following details?

a. what kind of hybrid seeds did you use for brinjal and drumstick to get the highest yield?
b. How much water is required to grow brinjal and drumstick in 1 acre?
c. What’s the approximate farm input costs per acre (using precision farming) to grow this intercrop (brinjal
and drumstick)?
d. Would it be OK to plant this in Sep/Oct?
e. How much we can expect per year from this intercrop? The land is situated about 140 kms from
Bangalore and 220 kms from Chennai.

Thanks in advance!


I have seen brinjal being grown along with drumstick as intercrop using precision farming methods.

The brinjal variety was a hybrid one, but not able to remember the name. The drumstick variety was PKM1.

The idea was to grow the drumstick once every 3 Meters on the same bed as brinjal is cultivated.

Hence the drumstick will be cultivated on alternate beds. Growth seems to be phenomenal on very rough land. 

Hope this helps.