Break up of (detailed) cost of cultivation of red gram

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i want detailed cost of cultivation of red gram i.e how much cost require in each and every stage from plouging,seeding to harvesting and also please let us know the yield per acre we get.


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Red Gram  can be cultivated as mono crop also, as well as mixed crop.

Ploughing with single plough and 5 plough costs around Rs 2,500/- per acre and for  seed it depends on variety, but in general 4 to 5 kgs per acre may costs you around Rs 1,000/- to Rs 2,000/- per acre. For deweeding it will costs around Rs 2,000/- to Rs 3,000/- per acre. Fertilisers and pesticides may costs you around Rs 4,000/- to Rs 5,000/-  per acre, and Rs 3,000/- to Rs 4,000/- per acre towards labour charges.

Yield mostly depends on the seed variety, cropping pattern etc but in general, farmers gets around 4 quintols to 10 quintols per acre. mostly farmers do multicropping ,in which Red gram will be one.

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Thank you very much Mr.Rao for your valuable info…

Dear Shankar,

Adding to G P Rao Sir, Recently heard in News that BARC (Bhabha Atomic Research Centre) has tested a New variety TT-401 at Salem District. As per the BARC and the Cultivators they say they have harvested around 2550 KG per Hectare (25 Qn per Ha). Below are some links for the Same. … 344335.ece … 478576.cms … f-red-gram

My Own experience (This is my first crop on the field after I bought the land in June 2015)
I am from Telangana State. New to Farming, recently I cultivated Red Gram Local Variety (Mono Crop) in 5 Acer and was able to harvest 22 Qn. With around 25% to 30% loss on Flower Drop.

Expenses: Around 35,000.00 For Seed, Fertilizers, Pesticides and Labour. I used my Tractor to Plough.

On Averaging: Cultivation expenses comes up to 8 - 10 thousand per acre. And 4 - 5 Qn of Yield per Acre (If there is no flower Drop I might have harvested another 1 - 2Qn per acre)


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Have u given water through irrigation or its was totally was depend on rain

Hi Shankar,

Seeds are sowed in Rainy Season. But we have a little rain this season here in our region. So I have to Irrigate the Field twice before the flower is set.


Hi ravindray,

I am new to farming, i have decided to cultivate redgram and looking for seeds could you please suggest me any local variety to go for. i am totally depending on rainfed only.
i am from nalgonda. hope to hear from you soon.

Thanks Ram.