Borewell stuck - help

We have dug borewell upto 280 ft and got  water 1.5 inch. We rented motor/pump to test water capacity. Put motor at 240 ft and it  worked fine 1 hours then later we put down motor to 260 ft. AT that time neither motor started nor came out. it stuck at that level. It did not started came out by just pulling. hence we called expert to do that.

Can any suggestion what could have been issue for motor not starting and not coming out?

Also what we can do further in order to test water capacity again.


Check this thread: … -borewell/

The reason for S tucking and and Not working might be due to loosening of Small Boulder (small Pabels).The Small stones might have entered into impellers and the Pump was stucked and not working. Similarly these Small stones might have jammed between Pump set and Rock/Casing Pipe.
It is better to lift the Same with Chain pulley and lift the Pump set slowly. Then there may be Possibility of loosen the Pipes at the Couplings and pipes to the extent of where it Loosen will come out. After then you have to seek the assistance of an expert who will equipped with tools for Pump set Fishing.
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Thanks for the reply.  Now we have taken motor out pf borewell.

what need to done for borewell to do cleaning?

Thanks in advance

For cleaning borewell, you need to rebore it…
it is costly affair though (may be Rs. 40/feet)

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