Borewell Motor and Pipe Life


My Name is Harish. Recently I have drilled a borewell for residential use up to 1271 Feet. After drilling the borewell we left for 30 days and did camera scanning to check for water sources. We found one water source at 150 Feet (Water was flowing) and one empty source at 300 Feet (No Water). Water storage at 700 Feet. Camera scanning guy left the camera inside the water and told us that there are more water source inside you will be able to extact water 1" inch or 1.5" inch of water hence we brought 7.5 HP pump (75 stages) with 1" inch HDPE pipe and fixed the motor at 1200 Feet. First one water flowed for about 3 hours and stopped we thought everyday we will get water for 3 hours however next day we got only for 45 mins and it stopped after 3 hours again we will get for 45 mins. One of the guys suggested to change the mouth of the outflow from 1" inch to 0.5"inch you get water continuously. We did that and now water is flowing out only 0.5"inch and rest remained in the pipe and it is flowing back to borewell. From this we are getting water in full force for 1 hour and force of the water get reduced. I check the AMP and voltage consummation. Initially one hour it will be 10 AMP and voltage will be around 380-400v after one hour it will come down to 6 AMP and voltage will be around 220-240v. I am using Texmo motor and L&T starter.

My question - will this effect my motor life? will this damage my pipe?

Any suggestion are welcome

Harish N

No & their is no alternate except what you have now.
Try to recharge borwel in this rainy seson.
Try to store rain water in pond/lake around bore well if possible to improve ground water level.
Adopt crop system of less water consuming crops.