Borewell cleaning

Dear Experts ,
Please reply to my query…
Few days back we cleaned our borewell,depth of borewell is around 190 feet.we did this so that to increase the  water yield. Earlier our borewell was at height of 140 feet and daily we use to get water for around 40 to 45 minutes from Dec 2016 end .From July till November water was available at full force but after that the water use to come for 40 to 45 minutes. In order to increase the yield we cleaned the borewell and after that we raised the depth from earlier 140 feet to 160 feet. After cleaning immediate the next day after 24 hours water came for 1.45 hours but the force of water reduced to 75% due to the increase in height of bore.But on second day when we started the bore water didn’t come at all.I consulted few people on this subject matter who know about this. They said raise back ur height to earlier position of 140 feet from 160 feet and check again.second option was check whether is there any problem in the bore motor …
My query is how to resolve this problem please suggest the solution

Dear Sri itheprabhu,

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As you stated, the water yield was reduced and to increase the water yield, you have arranged to dig your bore well, to further extent and to clean your bore well. It was unfortunate that the water yield was reduced badly, and on second day it was Zero.

There may not be any problem with the Sub-merscible motor/pump. The problem is with the water yield. Any how it is very easy to check your motor/pump, whether it is working or not, with a electrician, on checking the Amps meter.

At the depth of 160 ft, in 2nd gap, the water reserve might be very less and it was reduced to zero on the next day. In the first gap, though there is little water, it will be drain to the second gap, as it is in dry condition.

Here it can be thought of doing some thing like any repair of old bore well , if the yield in the 1st gap is considerable. Since it is not, better for get about this bore well. If water is there in the depths, it may be further drilled for another good gap/gaps. or It is better to go for a new bore well.

with best wishes,      g.p.rao,      farmer

Even you have water at a depth of 140 ft, it will go to the 2nd

Sir we have not drilled the borewell ,we have only cleaned the borewell,our total borewell height is 190 feet ,our motor we installed at 140 feet and now after cleaning  we have extended it 160 feet .After cleaning next day we installed the motor ,time gap was 24 hours.when we started the bore water came for 1 hour 45 minutes.Again after a gap of 24 hours when we started the motor not a single mug of water came .I asked my uncle who deal with selling of motor.He Concluded that problem might b with motor ,just check whether unknowingly connection is cut or check the mo

Dear Sri Itheprabhu,

Try to call an experienced electrician and/or Sub mercible pump experts, and get your Motor/pump is tested. After observation, take their advise and do the needful. May be, mostly motor problem. Mostly may not be water yield in your Bore well. Hope the best in timely action.

with best wishes,    g.p.rao,    farmer

Dear Sir thanks for your suggestion

The problem could be either

A)Borewell isnt yielding/sufficiently yielding

B)Motor is not working

I suspect the problem to be both, first instance it pumped for a shorter duration could be the accumulated water and if the starter didnt have dry run protection, it would have damaged the motor and hence non-pumping the next time.

As advised by G.P.Rao sir, first place to check would be the motor and if motor all fine check the water level before inserting into the well again


Saravana Kumar