Bore well problem - residential

Initially when we drilled the bore (4 years back) it was 720 feet depth… For one year we didn’t face any issue.

Now we are not getting any water from the bore well…

When approached local person he pulled out the motor and said… because of mud formation at the bottom it is reduced to 655 feet depth…

And also water is yeild is not that much… and water is at 640 feet…  Where as our motor is at 620 feet… that’s why we are not getting water…

He said we can’t further down the motor due the mud at 655 feet…

By doing the Flushing the borewell can we get rid of the mud? And also does this help in increasing the yield?

What is the best solution for this?

When approached local bore mechanics… they are suggesting me to go for new bore…

Can you please suggest me…

Dear Sivanand,

If the motor is erected at 620ft when water level is at 640ft would mean motor is dry run. You risk motor damage here unless you have proper electronics to take care.

Coming to the other issue, if TBD is 655ft and water level is 640ft, considering cushion for slug as 15ft and low bore yield, you may not be able to pump water.

My suggestion would be to Flush the borewell, clear the slug below 655ft and recover total BD of 720ft and erect the motor at 700ft. Mind you, flushing has got nothing to do with yield, so if you want to improve yield, consider borewell recharge pits & rain water harvest techniques.

Since you say that its for residence, as water consumption is typically low, would even the low yield of water suffice?

Hope this helps!


Dear Sir -

Thanks a lot for the inputs.

Based on my reading on flushing the borewell, as my borewell point is below portico slab looks like (my understanding)) only way I can get flushing done is through “pipe flush” (where we have to fill-in borewell with water and inject high air pressure into the borewell) to flush out the mud from borewell.

Is my understanding correct? If not can you please suggest me alternate profession method without damaging the slab (on top of borewell).

I also approached couple of vendors in Hyderabad they said as the borewell depth is 720 feet they can’t do without breaking the slab on the borewell.  Is that true?

Can you also suggest me professional vendors in Hyderabad who can take it up…

Regarding the dry run, Yes unfortunately that’s what happened, as I am not aware of that water level was down to 640 ft, my motor winding burnt out and costed me lot.

So someone suggested that to have dry run stater, so that it will be protect the motor in case if the water level goes down below the motor level.

Do you suggest any dry run starter(s) as well!!! and how much it generally costs me?

Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions…