Black sugarcane cultivation


I have a piece of land admeasuring 3000 sqft in my coconut farm which is lying unused. I want to grow black sugarcane for which there is great demand during ganapati festival in udupi in Karnataka. In this respect Can anyone help me with the below.

  1. where can I get one month old seedling nearby udupi / Mangalore
  2. when to plant do that harvest coincides with august / September months
  3. method of planting ring/pit method or ridges/furrows

Please note that water is available through out the year.


Black sugarcane is an annual plant. It thrives in hot and humid climates  Since it takes nearly a year to grow to fullness, plant in early spring/January for a winter harvest by December.

PROPAGATING: This plant is very easily propagated from shoots/rooting branches. Choose branch segments of a freshly cut sugarcane that has intact, undamaged nodes or buds at its branch intersections.

GERMINATING: Place branch segments in water for a couple of days, to tenderise the buds for growth. When nodes are tender they are ready for planting out.

PLANTING OUT: Choose manure-rich soil in direct and strong sunlight.  Dig long troughs in the soil about 8 inches deep. Plant your sugarcane branch segments laterally (sleeping position) with their nodes oriented upwards, into these troughs. Cover with earth, and water deeply. The first shoots will emerge from your sugarcane buds in about 2 weeks.

For Seeds Check Locally. Also you cant start now to get the sugarcane for ganapati festival… you can start in  OCT for yield next ganapati festival