Bird and Mouse Problem

Dear Members,

I have planted tomato in half acre area.
Now the tomato are growing and they are ready for selling. But the problem I am facing from birds and mice.
Birds and mice are creating cavity and destroying at the fruits.
Please give some ideas to control these.

Thanks in advance.


For mice you can following

1.Plant gliricidia plants at a regular intervals of 12-15 ft. These plants dont allow mice to form burrow. You can use these plants when are grown to have pendal system for tomatoe.

  1. Find out burrow opening, keep a mixture of sugar and puffed rice(pooja prasad) for 3-4 days later mix calciumpowder(un-slaked) with that. When they drink water the calcium starts boiling inside and mice die. Mice are very suspiciouse animals so keep orginal food for first 3-4 days, once you gain their confidence you can mix this. You can mix fine powder of glass also instead of calcium.

  2. Chemical ways: Fill cakes of zinc posphate in the burrows and close with soil.

  3. If you have ample water fill in the burrows.

  4. Have couple of cats.

For birds

  1. Tie video cassete tape in a elevated position as if like there is a ceremony(accross the field). When they see splashing thing they think it is a trap. During night there will be noice generated by same tapes.

  2. Have small flags of fast colors at regular intervals, flags do same effect of tapes.

  3. You can have entire farm covered with net. There is a subsidy from the govt(in karanataka). It will cost around 50-70K/acre

Mice are very suspiciouse animals… heheh! cracks me up !
i’ve had mice and bird problems in my water pond, the birds love the fishes in it…
also the little birdies love my yellow capsicum in particular, maybe the color attracts them, or the taste.
so even i’ve used the video cassette reel and some flashy decoration 2" strips to flash them :stuck_out_tongue: also as they make a “ddzzzzz” sound in the wind which scares them.

and also have a couple of cats is really funny again, but it sure works. plus u have your own little pet who follows u throughout ur visit :slight_smile:

Thanks Mr. Sri.
Just one advice I need from you:
How to control squirrels from the field?


Squirrils can be controlled like below:

  1. Have couple of Cats, remember feed them only half stomach otherwise they dont venture to catch squirrels.

  2. Squirrels always travel in only one path everyday, identify it and set up a caged trap. As soon as one gets trapped it sends a alert to its comunity. Others flee.There could be only one family for 1 hectare, so it is not a difficult task to controll them.

  3. In my locality one farmer has almost 10 owls in his farm(not pets, they are not caged). He has dveloped a skill to create nests which will attract owls. He claims his farm and his neighboring farms are rodent free. and monkeys are also controlled.
    I know it is difficult but a permanent solution.