Biomass Agri-waste reuse and recycle

Biomass / Agriculture Waste

We are a group of professionals trying to spread awareness in the Indian farming community the importance of Biomass in the coming century as we progress towards a BIO-ECONOMY.

Agriculture waste is one of the best resources being unused by the local communities of farmers world-wide.  All plant based material ( roots, leaves, branches, fruits, flowers & shells) all have a energy / chemical value.

The best scenario in the current market of India is of collection, cleaning & logistics of agriculture resources.  Mainly used for Energy.

We would like to know the opinion of this community as to what is happening to agriculture waste at the ground level, and are there any interest to produce a value add for the farmer, local community as well as the environment.


Organic material - whether it is plant chaff or animal waste - is the most difficult and highly-in-demand input in farms at least in my area.
Farmers place a premium on the supposed plant and animal waste.

wast material from rice plant is burnt in most parts of haryana and punjab.

Biomass from crop residues has immense potential reuse in terms of not only meeting the energy requirement but also for animals as a cheap source in the form for manufacture of TMR(Total Mixed Rations) or for setting decentralised dry fodder banks, enhancing the soil fertility by improving the soil organic carbon which is fast getting depleted in Indian soils(<0.5%) in the form of organic manures and also as good bedding material for mushroom production which is fast picking up in India.