Biofertilizers and Apple Rootstocks

Greetings Everyone,
We wish to introduce ourselves as a Small Scale Manufacturing unit engaged in Manufacturing of Tissue Cultured Plants and Biofertilizers, located in Una,H.P. . Our unit is located over a spacious plot of 17000 Sqm. We have acquired genuine Apple Rootstocks from IHBT via Technology Transfer. For Biofertilizers, We have technology transfer from ICAR-IARI, PUSA, for NPK Biofertilizer, We are commercializing this product under Prithvi NPK Brand Name.It is FCO certified and is completely organic.
As a brief Introduction of Prithvi NPK Biofertilizer, A 100 mL of PRITHVI NPK can provide 25-30 Kg of Nitrogen per Ha, 15-20Kg of P2O5 and 10-15Kg of Potassium/Ha to the plant, thus reducing the cost of Inorganic Fertilizer. It improves the soil productivity and its usage ensures the reduction in use of Inorganic Fertilizer in future. The yield increases usually range around 10-40 %. It reduces the consumption of recommended dose of Inorganic/Chemical Fertilizers by 20-25%. It has a high CFU of 10^9, as compared to 10^8 CFU/ml of FCO guidelines. The product has no deleterious effects whatsoever. The product has been field tested by ICAR-IARI, and is being utilized by various farmers ,and has shown promising results in all crops. We are looking for progressive farmers who would be interested for the above products.

We are grateful to the admin and its members for the opportunity to exhibit our products. Please feel free to contact.

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Varun Thakur,
Monal Biotechnologies,
monal.biotech@gmail.comPRITHVI NPK Bottle Collage

Thanks for the information.
Please do let us know the composition of the products.

The Prithvi NPK Biofertilizer is a consortia of 3 different strains, Azotobacter, Pseudomonas and Bacillus Sp.

Kindly share your contact details, we would be more than pleased to share further details with you.

I buy these regularly so if you have a price list, please send it to me.

You can click on my name here and send a message.

Regretfully, We are new to this website and are unable to send you a Private message,right now.

For Biofertilizers, we currently have one product, that is Prithvi NPK Biofertilizer. We believe this is the only proven technology out there, which has been sufficiently field tested and has consistently provided positive results.

The MRP of the product is 240 Rs for 100ml bottle.
Due to our higher CFU/ml count we recommend a 100ml Prithvi NPK bottle for seed treatment of upto 20-25 kgs, normally for one acre of area.

Kindly provide your contact details, We would be more than pleased to contact you.

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