Biofarm's -- organic farming techniques - steps

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Successful  Organic Farming  Steps:-

1.Check SOIL  pH    —  IF  ACIDIC/ALKALINE    --CORRECT  WITH  - Conventional Method/ 

    ( NEW Technologies  )

  1. Enmass  Release of  Soil microbes (eg.Bye Bye Phorate ,Furadan Technology)

3.Use Humic/ Fulvic / Seaweed Extracts  to  increase  ORGANIC CARBON  content of soil.

4.Use  LIME + sulphur  to  disease Resistance mechanism of  soil.

  1. Never USE  compost, Vermicompost, Oilcakes, etc  DIRECTLY, Plse for Fermentation  to  restrict

Nematodes/ Soil born  plant pathogens.

6.Find out  Micronutrient deficiencies  (if yes  contact Biofarms)

  1. Practice " Boosting  Metabolism in Plants/ Florigen Technology"

8.Efficient water management --to control Diseases and pests

  1. Use trap crops around the field  eg-  Pigeon pea, Mustard, Lab lab beans  etc—

  2. Light  Traps –  Keep  top  cut  50 lits  drum  with  35 lits  water  Diesel  500 ml - Keep  100

watt  bulb with  shade  -switch  on  light at 6 pm  -  There by erradicate  adults of all  pests

  1. Use organic products like SOP, Sulphur, Lime,  etc

  2. To meet  Nutritional deficiency    Take 50%  Grasses +  Legume fodder crops  25%  + Castor

cake  10%  +20%  Ground nut cake + Em -100 ml+  Jaggary -10 kg + Yeast -50 gms / 200 lits water

Keep it for 15 days. After 15 days  take 200-250 ml fermented solution in 200 lits water and spray

and drench to plants,.

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The steps you mentioned seems pretty standard. I’m pretty new to agriculture. Would love to read more elaborately each & individual step you mentioned. Some steps I actually found in the forum but would appreciate if you can elaborate them.

BTW, we just completed soil test, got the PH report. Awaiting for your response at the earliest to jump to next steps…

Dear Mr,

I am waiting to see all quiries of Farmnest Members, We can see lot of  useless clarifications in organic

farming, make lengthy and lengthy. The steps I mentioned is strictly  related to commercial organic

Farming. Why organic farming is so costly?  /  Why there is decline in production? 

I will clarify the steps within short .

Thank you
Good luck

What do you mean by not using vermicompost directly? if i produce vermicompost, should i not apply it as is?