Biofarms- Managing Weeds with Biological Mulching

Dear All,

My Farm’s Experiment

Weeds  were  a headache to my farm. I used Gyphosate - many times-  after each time I found the

weeds  were  growing more  healthier than the earlier. We found  that Sunlight is the main cause

o  fweeds. To Prevent direct falling  we boadcasted  fodder sorghum ,Maize together (25 kg /acre)

+chemical fertilizers  after light  cultivation.  Irrigated. Weeds and  both started germination. To

speed  up the growth of fodder sprayed  Factomphos -1 kg +Urea-500 gm + Micronutrients -100 g

  • Jagtonic -1 lits  -sprayed on the whole plot.  Then the fodder started fast growing  and weeds

tried its level best to grow fast. But the problem was weeds become etiolated due to lack of

sufficient  sunlight.  After  65-90  we  cut the fodder and  spread all over the field,  we started  to

plant Elephat’s foot (SURAN) . Only disturbed the place where planting did.

This showed excellent Result  ,Now We are not worrying about weeds.

Second system

Grown Cabbage + Elephan’s foot system    with  mustard  on border side to restrict pest attack

in cabbage. regularly sprayed Lime -500 gm + 250 gm/200 lits water - make  plants so hard.

Third system

Planted Sugar beet  cuttings (Row spacing  1 meter)  , in the row  spacing 50cm    gave  proper

fertilizer application and irrigation, Within 2-3 months the wines  covered  the whole soil surface.

There by prevented falling of sunlight  to the soil. When ever a  farmer wish to plant any vegetable

/or any plant  in lines  just  displace  the wines from the soil and plant the desired one pre-

germinated  in disposible glass and  plant  in the pit, cover the wines in the original position.

Plse practice and give your feed backs

Thank you
Good Luck