BIOFARMS - A Pioneer Providing Technical Services To ALL

Dear All,

Biofarms- Providing free technical services to

-cardamom, Nutmeg, Cloves, Pepper – Idukki,kerala

  • Vegetable  (Exotic)- Polyhouse cultivation

  • Technology Development  etc

-Banana Network- Banglore -Karnataka is  a great Success

A  Software engineer turned to a succesful Banana farmer is the credit of Biofarms-

Mr.Ramesh -09742201385  -

Proper technical guidance to the new comers  can change a revolution in Commercial farming.

Really I am thankful to FARMNEST-  I have lot of connection in all over India . Thanks to God.

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Nice farm. Where is this located ? How many acres is it?

Dear Mr.

The farm is located in karnataka. The  Contact number is given , plse directly communicate with

Mr.Ramesh. I don’t want to say anything - people  following my advice give a clear picture of

Biofarm’s responsibility.

Thank you
Good Luck

Dear All,

How Biofarms assist Farmers community.

  1. Arrange seminars                          2. Group meeting (farmers request)

  2. Demonstration plots                      4. Field visit of  farmers . (Exchange ideas)

  3. Rapid test soil pH (recommend nutrient management)

  4. Use chlorophyll analyser to study photosynthetic efficiancy & Nitrogen Management.

  5. Lux meter ( Study light intensity & Shade regulation in cardamom.

  6. All  recommendation send via  SMS (mobile phone)/Email. every month.

  7. Conduct research with 50% Participation of farmers.( So far developed 16 technologies

for cardamom)

  1. Not Charging CONSULTANCY FEE  is the  secret Behind BIOFARMS

Thank you



Here are the recent photographs. Want to let you know that there is a lot of FREE excellent suggestions provided by Biofarms (Suresh sir). I am very happy with the suggestions and the interactions that I have with him. I keep calling him if I see anything different in the farm and he is always happy to suggest things. Jagtonic has worked wonders.

Siddramesh Nara (09742201385)

Dear All,

Really I am so happy to present the Introduction of Biofarms.

Thank you
Good Luck