Biio fence options

I am trying to explore options for Bio Fencing. I am a dry land farmer who has very limited access to borewell water. I have barbed wire fencing and would like to add a bio fence to it.

My aim for bio fence

  1. should provide good defence against intrusion, human and animal.
  2. soil enrichment, wind protection, erosion prevention
  3. should be profitable
  4. low cost


  1. Bamboo : I think that this will be very profitable and provide a good wind barrier. However, I see that this requires lots of water, any suggestions ?
  2. Gliricedia : Not many things wrong with it.
  3. Dragonfruit : can this be trained along the fence. I may also get some harvest. Think this being of Cactus family, needs very less water and could possible also provide intrusion protection.
  4. Neem : Can classic Need variety be added along fence ? Not sure about water requirement. Will provide material ( Neem oil/cakes ) that I can use on my farm.
  5. Teak/Silver Oak/Mahagony : Timer wood. This is a very long term project ( 25 plus years ) and am not sure about the demand in future. Modern construction and furniture industry is slowly drifting away from class wood based to composite and artificial materials.

Please help. What are the best options for me ?

Dense Bamboo will work, if you take it as a fencing, (Plant Cultural Bamboo)

Bamboo works good

Can we have a mix of Bio-fencing species instead of a mono-crop?

Raj Pawan Gumdal