Best time to buy cows

Hi All,

Please let me know which s best time/season to buy Jersey cows.



There is no best season to buy cows. Buy them through out the year. Best time would be when cows are in their II lactation.


Plus one to Agri Exec, Here in karnataka cows get sold during some local Fairs. Lots and lots of transactions happen during fairs. I have seen people bringing not only cows but all types of animals, and they get traded.

Usually a cow gets sold when she has given birth to a calf. May be the calf is 2 to 3 months old. This bundled one gives value addition to some who are interested in raising the the calf if female, get the milk, etc etc. All can be checked practically, ie the yield, the health of calf etc. I saw recently one mother and her calf got sold for 16 K, yield is 6 lts of milk in morning and 4-5 in evening. Not hybrid, but a local one with some link to jersy lineage.

If you need a calf then here the going rate is 2 to 3K for a 6-8 month old. So there is no season for buying and selling !!



Try in summer.

Kaise pata chalega 2 lactation hai cow ka??