Best quality hybrid coconut seedlings, yield after 36 months of planting

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Deejay Sampoorna Hybrid Coconut Seedling

The Deejay Sampoorna Hybrid is the result of more than 25 years of meticulous scientific expertise using the finest breeding stock from around the world. The high productivity of this hybrid is backed by thousands of satisfied customers all over south India. If you wish to produce a large number of nuts per palm, sweet tender nuts, high quality copra and high-yields of coconut oil, your preferred choice – The Deejay Sampoorna Hybrid Seedlings.

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Deejay Sampoorna- Features:

  • First flowering 24 Months

  • Early yielding 36 Months

  • Large number of nuts up to 250 nuts/tree/year

  • Min. 500 ml of tender coconut water

  • Good kernal and copra content approx. 210gm/nut

  • Approx. 9,187 kgs of copra per annum hectare

  • Average 6ltrs of Neera/tree/day

Breeding Farms : Madurai, Ambur, Goa, Honnavar and Penukonda

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Price : Rs 499/- (Shipping not included)

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