Berceem clover/Bur clover seeds

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I am looking for Berceem clover/Bur clover seeds for cultivating with rice for weed control. Any inputs on this are welcome

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I have tried to find out which part India clover is grown. Could not get info yet.

Why dont you use azolla as alternative to clover. You will need to have water logged paddy field to develop azolla .
If azolla is inoculated to the paddy feild within a week entire feild will be ocupied and when water is drained the azolla is dried. It will create 30% Nitrogen.

My problem is that I won’t have standing water for growing azolla, but the field will be wet from rain. Since I am not planning to till, holding rain water will be difficult, so I try the upland varieties which do well except the weed control. Does the Azolla grow with just moisture?

One rice farmer from Andhra told me that, Berceem clover is grown there for fodder. Also the same is grown in MP, there is a reference of it in the preface written by Partap Agarwal in ‘One straw revolution’.

Another option is to use Medic, not sure if it grows in Kerala climate.


Replying to an old topic here but I was searching for clover crops grown in India and reached this page. Just realised that the Berseem crop grown in a field next to ours is actually the leguminous clover I have been looking for! Berseem is widely grown in the region (North East Punjab) in winters and is fed to cattle.

Thanks for this update. Can you send some photos of Berceem clover? Also let me know your email, would like to be in touch.


Will be happy to post pictures in a week or so when I visit the farm (currently away). Check your PM for email.

When you are sharing the pictures, do so on the fourm for eveyone’s benefit please?


Thank you for the reminder. Pictures attached. Also see this note about climate in which Berseem can be grown

[quote]Berseem is adapted to cool and moderately cold climate. Such
conditions prevail during winter and spring seasons in north India
which is considered as favourable and productive zone for this crop.
The optimum temperature at the time of sowing berseem is 25C. For
Iuxuriant vegetative growth temperature range of 25C to 27C has been
found ideal. Uniformly high temperature in south Indian conditions
limits the cultivation of berseem.[/quote]

Source … es-berseem