Beneficial Insects - availability/usage


Is anyone using Beneficial Insects for pest control, if yes can please direct to some suppliers in India. I did try to get in touch with and Koppert but for some reason, they have not shown any interest.

If any of the members are using or have used any insights into this will be very helpful.


please tell us more… what is the purpose? as you said pest control, what exactly r we talking here ?

whats ur crop? what are the pests you are trying /planning to control with the help of predators ?

Hey Viks,

The primary purpose is to eliminate the use of pesticides, apparently most of the vegetable and flower growers in Europe extensively use these beneficial insects.

Myself along with a couple of friends just recently got into GH rose cultivation and was appalled at the amount of pesticides we were were asked to use, hence the investigation :slight_smile:. To answer your question I am primarily looking to use them to  eliminate pest in rose GH cultivation.

A representative India Koppert did contact me yesterday and provided a brief and he said he will provide the details in terms of pricing etc once he gets answers to the check list from me.    – you will get a lot more related videos here

Viks - I have diligently read your long post on capsicum - from what I have understood using beneficial insects virtually eliminates the ue of pesticides fro vegetables and residual pesticide in the produce which in turn gives you a better shot at export.

Let us know if have or any forum member has any inputs


I have been told some of the state universities multiply and supply them free or at a nominal cost. I plan to find out more at Hyderabad ANGRAU.

Let me find out if the Agri University in Bangalore - supply these.

Chandra - do keep us posted on your enquiry