Before quitting jobs to get into Agriculture...... Try this

Before quitting jobs to get into Agriculture…

Buy 5 to 10 large pots
Fill them with equal mixtures of (in the ratio 1:1:1)

  1. Earth (common mud you can dig up anywhere)
  2. Coarse Sand (if the earth component is too sticky / clayish / too fine)
  3. Compost (cow dung, or any other dung, straw, leaves, veg/plant waste etc. All rotted together and should have become non-sticky)

mix them all up and fill in the pots and lightly water.

Buy a variety of seeds at an seeds shop.
Soak the seeds in water for a minute or so
and plant the seeds around half inch into the soil mixture in the pots and water.

Not your waiting and observations and learning starts.
Have fun
Try Cilantro (Kotumbri), The seed is called Daniya. Grows fast. Smells nice and useful in your kitchen.



This is good for gardening as a hobby .
But , for real time agri one has to face much hardships right from land preparation , seed and sowing time selection , water management , labour management etc.
This may be discouraging at the start but when one gains experience over a period of time , one can become a master. Observe and feel nature and one could succeed.
I am doing agri for the past three and a half years but still learning. Every time nature teaches me a new lesson.

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4 years gone now.
What are you doing now ?

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Hi ,
So nice to hear from you.

I am continuing my farming with once a year crop of paddy.

My experience is varied and I am yet to

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Quitting job and adopting agriculture is not easy. You can earn enough income if you have at least 6 acre of irrigated land, out of which you have to grow horticulture plants, vegetable and regular cash crops. To ensure regular income it will be good if you can take up agri allied enterprises such as dairy farming, poultry or goattery.

If your farm land is fall under rainfed area then you must have at least 15 to 20 acres land to earn sufficient income from farming. That is my view. If anyone have other suggestions please share.
Sharad Pant