Become farmer with us and get the Farmer's Status Certificate

Dear Friend,
As you all know that the farmer of any state can purchase the agriculture land in Maharashtra. We provide these services from the Rajasthan state where citizen of Our country can purchase the agriculture land. On buying the 1 bigha land in Rajasthan the owner will become the farmer of that state and will be eligible for the farmer’s certificate then on.
I will provide you the following services which are as under.

You need to pay Rs. 80,000/- per person per file which includes all formalities.
To get Registry in favour of you or your said person.
POA stamp and write-up, Documentation cost, Writer cost, Department formalities, Photostats, my travel expenses and other miscellaneous expenses.
To get the documents endorsed by the department.
To get the entry in the gram panchayat.
To get the Jamabandhi ( 7/12), Bhoomi Praman Patra (Farmers Certificate) in your name singed by the Tehsildar.
Along with all documents you will be the owner of land which is 1600 sqm= 1936 sq yards=17424sqft of agriculture land will be owned in your name of one person only.
You need to send me the
1-- 3 pass port size photoes
2-- Id Proof attested by Notary. Bring original one with you.
3-- Residential Proof attested by Notary. Bring original one with you.

You need to come yourself.
If not possible to come in person then Send me the power of attorney for the purchase of land in Rajasthan in the favour of the person whom I suggest.

Feel free for the further communication.
Also let me know how many files you need to do.
Give me the following details;-

Personal details for the farmer status certificate.
Father’s name :- ________________________________
Surname :-______________________________________
Age :-________ Religion :-Caste :-______
Address as per the proof :- ___________________________________________________________________________

PAN CARD NO:-__________________ profession:-_________________________
Payment mode:- cash/cheque.
Cheque No:-_______________ Bank and Branch:-_____________________
Date of issue:-_____________ Amount:-______________________

Attach the following documents along with the POA or come along with this document.
1— 3 pass port size photoes.
2—Photo copy of residential address proof (Election card/ driving licence/addhar card/passport) any one from this.
3—PAN CARD photo copy.
You have to deliver the document on following address or cut and stick on cover
HOLD AT OFFICE call to pick up.
MO:- 09998732033, 09426065076.

Where is this Land.Kindly Provide full details of the Land Location.Also Kindly Provide us the Full Beakup of the items which you have mention.
Cost of Land, POA stamp and write-up, Documentation cost, Writer cost, Department formalities, Photostats, my travel expenses and other miscellaneous expenses.,To get the documents endorsed by the department.,To get the entry in the gram panchayat. etc…

hello freind,

i would like to know that which type of land outsider can purchase?because in rajasthan itself.govt. implies the poilicy taht outsider cant not buy agri land…and only open registry land can buy…there r two type of land available there,one is only for rajasthani people other one is for all…
kinldy come up with clear details…
As i am from punjab and i have some schedule to visit agri land up there…and could you please comeup with agri land prices acordinfg to area where outsider can buya and rate is also in range of 1 lac/acre… like FATEHPUR area or any other area…where irrigation is doing well…
i would be very thankful to you and i request to my other famnest members and xperts that kindly put some light on this…as i have thought of buying land in UP…TN…MP …and i m not sure that where to start …but 1 thing is sure that i m gonna leave this city lfe and start farming in my life…with the help of this site and posts of peple who sahre xperibce i try to learn profit and lose of farming,but one thning is clear taht today is the time of ORGANIC FARMING…though its not easy but my fundamental would be ORGANIC FARMING…any how i REQUEST you all kindly help through ur xperinces…

my budget is round 10 lac. and i dont have much xperince in faming but a litttle bit as i spent 10days at my uncles farm to have idea of farming…anyhow i am new and have learn from zero…but iam fully dedicated and decided to go this path…
hope u all understand my thoughts…

kartar singh

Any easy, legal route to get farmer status in Karnataka? … will the Maharastra route work here too?

Bhayya …

Shall we have TWO Acres of Land Near ABU (Madhuban) where Prajapita Brahmakumaris Isweriya center is Located ?


The rates over Abu is too high and my clients are not is possition to spend such a high rates for just farmer status certificate. We do not deal in Abu region.

Buy land in Andhra Pradesh get farmers certificate hence you can buy in karnataka

you should be farmer since 1972, or you should belong to a family which owns a agri land since then.

Thank you Sir.!

We can provide you the Farmers Certificate from Different District of Rajasthan at cheaper rates.