Be a part of Change:Join Us...Produce Poison Free Food for Family & Friends


Glad to see that people are transforming into health conscious particularly on food items produced in Organic/ Naturally farming methods. The key is some of them putting into practice both in consuming and producing, as I transformed. Once I returned from my onsite two years back, have started my Organic (*IINSCF Model) Farm near Chennai, after lots of hurdles and challenges.

Now it’s turned out as good Indigenous Organic farm. I would like to share
"The Spirit of Nature",
My Experience in Natural (organic) Farming, along with

Healthy (chemical fertilizer/pesticides Free) Vegetable, Greens, Millets, paddy and more, from my farm.

Every week ends (sat. eve) I’m bringing bring fresh my Veg. & Greens to Chennai “Direct from my farm”. For this summer (2013) we have,

I. Veggies and Greens (sirukeerai),

II. Paddy

-Seeraga Samba Rice
-Black Rice
-Red Rice
we can support alomost all the Native Variety paddy

III.For your Kitchen Garden (if you have, if not I’ll help you to set up)

Bio Fertilizer/pesticides

Panchakavya ( Traditional, simulated), Jeevamrudha, Amrudha Karaisal, Beejamrudha, Natural Pesticides, produced from Desi (Gir & Umbalachery breed) cow’s dung & urine (available around the year)

iv.Aqua culture

-Spirulina (Arthrospira Platensis)

-Azolla (Azolla pinnata var imbricata )

V. Hands on Training:

1.Natural Farming - Why & How (Basic & Advance Hands on)  - Min 5 members

2.Preperation of Panchakavya,Jeevamrudhu, Amurdha karaisal, Natural (Herbal) Pesticides

3.Spirulina, AZola culture.

  1. Experimental - Hi Tech Natural Smart Farm.

  2. Who Made My Garden! (How to set up & maintain Balcony, Terrace, and Home Veg. Gardens)

  3. Seeds: All Vegetable, greens, Grains, Millets, flowers Seeds available (Country Varieties only).

If you have a like minded community

You can reach me: 0 9940028160

*IINF -Integrated Indigenous Natural Farming Model
Inspired by Surapalar’s Vrikshayurvedam,  Rudolph Steiner, Masanobu Fukuoka,
Thabolkar,Subash Palekar’s, Nammazhvar and 100’s of Farmer’s Native Wisdom and practising Techniques.

Join Us …Produce Poison Free Food for Family and Friends

Thank you Sir,
I am  MANNE.SN having 2 Acres of Land Nr. Hyderabad.

Recently I have Started Bio Farming with Spiritual;ity i.e.
Yogik Khethi brought by "Prajapitha Brahmakumaris
Iswariya Viswa Vidyalaya. Presently I am Growing
Tomato in Phased Manner.

I want to Cultivate all types of Vegetables for the
Purpose of Premium Clients those whu are in Health

Kindly Give us a Layout to cultivate all Types of vegetable
in that land for Continuous Supply.