Bau kul farming need advice

Hello I’m new to this forum.
I have planted around 4 bighas of BAU Kul. I am farming this with a friend who is somewhat experienced. There are around 850 plants which are growing nicely. Some other farmers came and said we need to put a lot more fertiliser than we have put if we want to have plenty fruit.

Also generally farmers don’t want to give away the secrets of farming this because it’s such a profitable business.

I want to ask if anyone here has any knowledge about bau kul and apple kul cultivation who could give me pointers.

Right now the plants already have flowers and fruit, over 15-20 per plant. We are going to cut away these so once the plants are bigger few months down the line we can have bigger fruit.

Also about building netting for the area for the plants any information would be very helpful.