Basmati Rice cultivation

Can someone post any information on cultivation of Basmati Rice.


Basmati is grown in Gangetic plain (foot hill of Himalyas). Geographical and environmental factors contribute to its special characteristic; long grain and aroma. Typically it is grown in Haryana, UP, Delhi, some parts of Rajasthan and Punjab.

Dwarf; Pusa-11 21 and PB-1, both are dwarf varieties and average yield is between 40-45 quintal/hectare. They require less fertilizers and watering than common paddy varieties likes Parmal.

Long; Basmati-370, is classical basmati variety, plant grows tall, so you have to be careful about fertilizers and waters, otherwise lodging is common problem with this variety. Average yield is 25-35 quintal/hectare. Market price of this variety is higher.

Overall, Basmati is like champagne, geographically constrained to north part of India. If you have any specific question about basmati, please let me know.

Thank You for the info Sir.