Bandicoots, Snakes

We are having a major Bandicoot problem in our farm. We do not want to poison.

we are interested in natural predators. some one suggested owls. i believe Barn owls are great for controlling Bandicoots. But getting the Bog Barn owls is the issue.

How do dogs fare? I am thinking of getting a chippiparai. thought that it could be a dual purpose dog taking care of bandicoots & snakes if trained. The snakes should help control bandicoots… but a child just got bitten so we have to manage to reduce both.

suggestions are welcome.


Dogs, that too Chippiparai, for snakes and rats is a bad idea.
For barn owls you should provide nesting boxes and perches at a height of 12 feet if i recall correctly. They are great for rodents.