Banana in Cold Storage

Dear Members,

I have cultivated banana in 3 acres land.
Can you please advice me up to how many days/ month I can keep banana at cold storage?
What is the maximum temperature and humidity required to make it safe for long?
Is there any method I can apply if I want to keep safe in house (without cold storage)?


Why do want to do this at first place?

Banana rates dont flutuate drastically. If you keep in cold storage to get a better price, storage rent will be more. So whole idea of cold storage is not served.

If you are not getting good price in local market, find nearest market which offers more price.

Thanks Mr. Sri.
Actually I am looking few things in selling.

  1. for export to gulf countries.
  2. in our region (Odisha) the price of banana is highest on month of May and June and I want to sell in this time.

Can you get some advice on Potato, Onion, Caulifolwer storage process and length of time we can store.


It is same everywhere. April May being months of hevy wind, everybody avoids banana with fully loaded bunches. and it is a wedding season, this is the reason for highest rates.

Another thing you can do is plan your plantation so that harvesting can happen during this month. you can do this with propr wind barriers and supporting for banana trees.

I have very limited knowledge on cold storage.