Banana Circle - your views please

Dear farmers, Has any one got realtime /handson experience using the Banana Circle concept. What has been the benefit or draw back. Also is it something you would reomend having tired it or heard about it?

Any response would be greatly appreciated.
@Chandra- would you know folks who would be able to help answer this query?

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The banana circle concept is very old, and permaculturalist around the globe use this method if suitable in their design. You would want to use this method mainly if you have a space constraint or planning to design your farm based on permaculture design principles and only if there is a real need for it. Why I emphasize on design is because the circle would not benefit if the rest of the farm is managed conventionally like any other commercial farm -where farming is done in relatively straight lines or where machinery is often used, except if you are going to place the circle out of the way of the rest of the farm. If its in an orchard of other trees, you would need to ensure it benefits other plant species around while also serving other purposes. In terms of benefits, there is very little to manage (includes cost, maintenance, water) and the output is nearly equal to any other commercial banana farm output/plant. But if its incorrectly placed or added to the farm for no apparent reason, it might become a hindrance to day to day cultivation work. If you are thinking or planning about it, do share more information of your farm/orchard/home garden and what you plan to do with the banana circle. Hope this helps! Regards, eric

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Dr Khem Raj Bhattarai

Thanks Eric. Do you know of this method being used commercially at a farm where the whole of the farm is created on this concept?

Hello P Sundaresh,
Sorry for replying late. I have not heard of banana circles concept used on commercial scale. But it can be done. There might be some design changes to suite the scale. What is the area you are looking to implement this in? Also what is your intention for doing this practice?

Namaste @psundaresh.
Firstly it may help to know the context of why you are looking into banana circles. These are techniques that help optimise resources. So, instead of copy pasting a technique, do try and understand the concept behind such designs. Perhaps that will help you customise what works for resources available.


Thanks SOL. The question was more from a knowledge perspective- I had not heard of Banana Circle being used on a commercial scale and wanted to know if any one else has heard or implemented the same on a commercially viable scale.

@psundaresh. Sir, one of the reason you may not come across banana circles in commercial context is for logistics reason.
Banana circles are designs to optimise production per square area of given land.

But in commercial farms, due to the harvest, movement of labour, machines, vehicles, spraying needs, the optimisation is based on time, labour, money.
5-layer plantation model from zbnf is an example of hybrid system that addresses both sides. As individual farmer, you can then scale and customise within this schematics as per the parameters you are working with.
Hope this helps.