Banana and papaya in haryana successful?

Hello  frd…
                    Myself sandeep kamboj  and i want to know that banana and papaya farming is successful or not in haryana disit sirsa. Pls suggests me

there should be no problem.
go for G9 variety of banana and lady papaya 786 (tissue culture plants) for papaya.
learn to identify their diseases and how to treat them.
i have planted some papaya and banana in sonepat district for experiment,they are growing well till now.
send me a private msg if you have any specific questions,here on this forum,farmers from haryana are not present in large numbers,other then myself i found only you till date.

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Hi Friend

Banana with papaya as intercrop was grown successfully in organic farming near chennai in Tamilnadu…In haryana this system of inter cropping works well …do it as you wish …see the attachment here that answer your querry…Total farm income 5.63 lac per acre

For further details please contact the farm scientist Mr.Organic Vasu , chennai
Mobile number 09944448611

Plz give ur number I need to talk to you.

Hi, I want to grow papaya in haryana.If u like to help me.If yes then send me ur whats app. 8800948999.

I’m learning about papaya farming,
I want to learn from you, please call me 8114455890 or me :pray:t2: namaskaram :raising_hand_man:t2::two_hearts: