Bamboo hedges, advice needed

Hello all,

I am planning to plant a bamboo hedge around my farm boundary for keeping animals and unwanted people out. I have heard that bamboos attract lots of snakes. It it true? I don’t want snakes all over my farm and house. :-[ . Ideally the hedge should be evergreen, thick and fast growing. Can you please suggest something.

Thanks a lot.

what I heard Bamboos with thorns will attract snakes, there are thornless bamboo which suppose to be good and will not attract snakes. you may check the following link for more detail about thornless bamboo,. … amboo.html

Hi Sakthi, thanks a lot for the info. I will look for the thornless variety, although am now a bit reluctant (scared mainly !!!) to go for any bamboo. The link doesn’t say anything about snakes but it gives good info about planting and companion planting. Thanks.