Avocado seedlings/plants nurseries?


I would like to know any nurseries that sell Avocado plants. I am in Maharashtra (Satara distrct).

Thank you.


Had read online that Hass Avocados, wont fruit from seeds. It would have to be through grafting.

Would be interested see what varieties are available in India, if they are – seeds or plants ?

following this post…

Avocado is butterfruit right? it is very common in Karnatka. If you visit Bangalore next time you can ask in any juice centres they should give you seeds free of cost.

if you find the seed, below is a video on how to grow it from the seed.
I am sure youtube will have many more or even better.


Thank you everyone for the response. It is “Butter fruit”  :slight_smile:. Also found couple of nurseries in Bangalore and Coimbatore. Thanks again.