Available fresh Roses near Bangalore

We are growing Roses (Red variety) near Bangalore. If anyone is interested in entering into a purchase agreement, please let us know.
Unique characteristics of the Roses are:
Strong stem
Rose stays fresh upto 5 days at room temperature
Petals don’t fall off

Akra Savi - single
Please see attachment for photos of Roses.

What is the rate and how far are you from Bangalore ? Pls let me know the place.

We are located in Punganur - about 120 kms from Bangalore.
Our initial rate is Rs 120 per kg.
Market price is Rs 300 per kg.

Transportation cost based on actuals or you can come and pick up from our farm.

If you are interested, you can pick up free samples from Mr Nagaraj who is in Bangalore (JP nagar).
His contact number is 97414 18374.